Inspiration for Success in 2018


As we prepare to welcome 2018, most of us will reflect on the objectives, goals and resolutions we made this time last year. Maybe you were successful in achieving your goals; maybe some fell by the wayside and life just happened. Maybe you did not feel motivated at times and you just lacked inspirations to do what you had intended to do.

What is inspiration?

Exactly what does this word inspiration mean anyway and why is it so important? Why are we constantly looking for heroes to give us this inspiration? John C. Maxwell has a saying that sums it up perfectly for me. He said, “If there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present.” When I first heard this quote, it made me think differently about how I planned my life, my week and my days.

We draw inspiration from the ability to see the outcome we want before we even get started. This gets us excited up about what we do on a daily basis. When the vision of our future fads, our ability to function in the present also fade.

Integral for Life

On further investigation I found that the word inspiration comes from the Latin word for inspire or to draw in breath. Having my breath directly connected to my inspiration became very intriguing. Observe someone who does not have inspiration to do anything in life. They usually have a very drab personality and walks around aimlessly; shoulders slumped, chin low and no zest for living.

Therefore, inspiration is key to stimulating you emotionally and mentality into taking action towards your future goals. It is the creative force behind solving problems and coming up with innovative solutions. The key here is emotional stimulation or arousal. Think about a mother, emotionally driven to run into a burning house to save her child. What is her inspiration in such a dire situation? This is the attitude we want to approach 2018 with; an attitude, which says, we simply must get it done!


Therefore, I dare you not to kick yourself too much about the things you did not accomplish but look to the future and all the opportunities it hold. Do not ponder on the days you have lost but become enthused about what is to come. Before December 31, take some time to be quiet. Think about what you really want for yourself, your family, your relationships and career. Paint a vivid picture of what your life will be like when you achieve the things. Become romantically involved with the idea of achieving them.


Most importantly, devise a plan of how you will achieve these goals. As another author puts it, “an idea without execution is simply delusion.” Think about the steps you need to take to achieve the things you want for yourself and your family. Ask yourself, what actions are necessary for you to perform each week and each day to bring my ideas to reality? Be optimistic and challenge yourself but do not be deluded.

For example, if your goal is to loose 5lbs, think about how many times a week you need to do cardio, then determine, given your schedule, how many times a week you can commit to doing cardio. If you know you are unable to perform cardio 7 days a week, do not promise yourself you will do that. You will be setting yourself up for failure.


I know the things mentioned so far are not impossible and many of you may have taken these steps before, but somehow you still did not achieve your goal. February comes and yet again, you did not follow through. This is why it is important to write your intentions down and revisit them regularly. Have status update meetings with you. Ask yourself:

  • Am I on schedule?
  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well?
  • What obstacles have I encountered?
  • What can I improve going forward?
  • What have I learn?

Model Your Hero

It is also important to find someone who has achieved what you are trying to do. Find out what they did, what worked for them and what did not work. Modelling someone can provide an example for you, decreasing the time it takes by avoiding the mistakes they made. It is also motivating when you know your intention is possible because someone did it before. Ultimately, you need to find it within yourself to push yourself. Hold on to the vision and the idea you fell in love with when you wrote your intention down at the start of the year.

This will be one step in becoming a happier, healthier and more productive version of yourself. Life Inspired Online.




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